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  • Concrete Nailing Techniques

    1. Choose suitable nails: Choose nails with lengths suitable for concrete, preferably concrete nails. Normally, the length of the nail should be 1.5 times longer than the thickness of the concrete. 2. Choose the correct nail gun: Different models of nail guns are suitable for different types of n...
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  • Why are T-bolts often used in conjunction with flange nuts?

    Why are T-bolts often used in conjunction with flange nuts?

    In industrial aluminum profile accessories, flange nuts and T-bolts are usually used together to install various accessories. But if some customers are not very familiar with flange nuts, they may wonder why they are paired like this. Shouldn’t T-bolts be paired with T-nuts or other nuts? A...
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  • Classification of hexagonal nuts

    Classification of hexagonal nuts

    Hexagonal nuts are a common type of nut that we often encounter in our daily lives. Hexagonal nuts are often used in conjunction with bolts and screws in work, and nuts serve as fasteners and components in work. 1. Ordinary outer hexagon – widely used, characterized by high tightening force...
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  • How many advantages do you know about self-tapping screws?

    How many advantages do you know about self-tapping screws?

    When using self-tapping screws, they do not need to be tapped and can be directly screwed into the connected body. They are commonly used on non-metallic (wooden boards, wall panels, plastic, etc.) or thin metal plates. It has the following advantages: 1. Easy installation, drilling, tapping, fix...
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  • How to install self-tapping screws?

    The installation of self-tapping screws is not complicated, as long as the tools are well matched, the installation is very simple. 1. Select the corresponding screwdriver based on the groove type of the self tapping screw,Place the screwdriver in the groove of the screw, align it with the positi...
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  • How to use drywall screws?

    1. The head should be round (this is also the common standard of all round head screws). Because of production process problems, the head of drywall nails produced by many manufacturers may not be very round, and some may even be slightly square. The problem is that it doesn’t fit perfectly...
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  • Why you should use drywall screw?

    Why you should use drywall screw?

    First, drywall screws have a wide range of use, basically can be used in all materials, unlike the thumbtack, tack and other nails have obvious restrictions on the use of dry wall nails in this respect can bring you more effective applicability is the use of dry wall nails, so its number of natur...
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  • Do you know what is hose clamp?

    Hose clamp means an ideal attachment fastener for various types of water, oil, steam, dust, etc. that are widely used in automobiles, tractors, forklifts, locomotives, ships, mines, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc. Laryngeal hoops are relatively small and of very little va...
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  • How much do you know about copper gasket?

    The manufacturing process of copper gasket mainly includes stamping, cutting and drawing. Stamping is the most commonly used manufacturing process, which can be stamped into different shapes of gaskets through a die. Cutting is to cut the copper sheet into the desired size of the gasket. Stretchi...
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  • Do you know energy fix parts is very popular now?

    Energy Fix is a modular system for the installation of stern structures. Fully configurable, easy to assemble and disassemble. 1. Lead screw: There is a part on the machine tool that is made of a long and slender metal bar, which has a high finish surface, and some have threads; 2. Guide rail: a ...
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  • Several classifications of lock nuts

    Several classifications of lock nuts

    The first is to use two identical nuts on the same bolt, in the middle of the two nuts an extra torque, to promote the bolt connection. The second is a specialized lock nut, which must be applied in conjunction with a lock washer. The special type of lock nut is not a hex nut, but a round nut. Th...
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  • Flat pad and spring pad mounting

    Flat pad and spring pad mounting

    The spring pad is tight and the flat washer is placed under the spring pad to produce a plan. Generally, 2 are applied with each other. 1, the effect of spring washer is to tighten the nut to give the nut an elastic, so that it is not easy to fall off, spring washer equipment is used under the nu...
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