Serrated Lock Washer External Teeth

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Material: 304 stainless steel
Standard: GB/T 862.2-1987
Material grade: 65Mn
Surface treatment: black, phosphating, galvanized, custom
Application: household, automobiles, machinery
Production process: cut-stamping-heat treatment-polishing-surface treatment-packing
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Serrated lock washer external teeth is a part used to lock under a bolt head or a nut.

Product name serrated lock washer external teeth
Material 304 stainless steel
Standard GB/T 862.2-1987
Material grade 65Mn
Surface treatment black, phosphating, galvanized, custom
Application household, automobiles, machinery
Production process cut-stamping-heat treatment-polishing-surface treatment-packing


What is a lock washer?
A locking washer is a type of washer that’s designed specifically to prevent the bolt with which it’s used from loosening. Like other washers, they’ll distribute the load of the fastened object or objects more evenly. Locking washers go one step further, though, by “locking” the bolts in place.


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