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    Screws are a "mass product", not a handicraft. In mass production, we will achieve high precision, stable quality and popular price to supply consumers.

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    Bolts are mechanical parts and are cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts.

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    are used to protect the surface of the connected parts from scratches by the nut and to disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected parts. We have a variety of washers for you to choose from.

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    Nuts are parts that are screwed together with bolts or screws for fastening. All production machinery must use a component. According to different materials, it is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.


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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.
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  • 20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

    20+ Years of Fastene Production Experience.

  • Rich export experience to 128 countries.

    Rich export experience to 128 countries.

  • 24 hours prompt customer service

    24 hours prompt customer service

Our Blog

  • concrete nail

    Concrete Nailing Techniques

    1. Choose suitable nails: Choose nails with lengths suitable for concrete, preferably concrete nails. Normally, the length of the nail should be 1.5 times longer than the thickness of the concrete. 2. Choose the correct nail gun: Different models of nail guns are suitable for different types of n...

  • hex flange nuts

    Why are T-bolts often used in conjunction with flange nuts?

    In industrial aluminum profile accessories, flange nuts and T-bolts are usually used together to install various accessories. But if some customers are not very familiar with flange nuts, they may wonder why they are paired like this. Shouldn’t T-bolts be paired with T-nuts or other nuts? A...

  • hex nut

    Classification of hexagonal nuts

    Hexagonal nuts are a common type of nut that we often encounter in our daily lives. Hexagonal nuts are often used in conjunction with bolts and screws in work, and nuts serve as fasteners and components in work. 1. Ordinary outer hexagon – widely used, characterized by high tightening force...

  • Stainless steel countersunk head tapping screws (2)

    How many advantages do you know about self-tapping screws?

    When using self-tapping screws, they do not need to be tapped and can be directly screwed into the connected body. They are commonly used on non-metallic (wooden boards, wall panels, plastic, etc.) or thin metal plates. It has the following advantages: 1. Easy installation, drilling, tapping, fix...

  • How to install self-tapping screws?

    The installation of self-tapping screws is not complicated, as long as the tools are well matched, the installation is very simple. 1. Select the corresponding screwdriver based on the groove type of the self tapping screw,Place the screwdriver in the groove of the screw, align it with the positi...

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