• Fastener Fair Stuttgart

    Fastener Fair Stuttgart

    Stuttgart International Fastener Fair will be held in Stuttgart, Germany from March 21st to 23rd, 2023. Stuttgart International Fastener Exhibition in Germany, Las Vegas Exhibition in the United States and Shanghai International Fastener Professional Exhibition are calle...
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  • Some Brand Of  Fasteners

    Some Brand Of Fasteners

    Working with a European R&D team, Kinfast has the skills and innovative vision to consistently produce high quality products such as matching drywall screws. Kinfast Alignment Screws are held together by strong plastic slats that are ideal for self-feed screwdrivers, making them suitable for ...
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  • How quickly and accurately are screws placed using augmented reality?

    How quickly and accurately are screws placed using augmented reality?

    A new study from the Rush University Medical Center has collected data on the effect of augmented reality tools on the placement of pedicle screws during surgery. The study “Augmented Reality in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Early Efficacy and Complications of Percutaneous Fixation with...
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  • DIN 404 slotted screw

    DIN 404 slotted screw

    The Bülte screw range has recently been expanded with the “DIN 404 slotted screw” series, which consists of an enlarged cylindrical head, a straight slot on the top of the head and two radial holes on each side of the head. Unlike metal DIN 404 screws commonly available on the market,...
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  • The Rivet Nut

    The Rivet Nut

    The rivet nut is a one-piece tubular rivet with internal threads and a countersunk head that can be installed while working entirely on one side of the panel. Rivet nuts are available in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, monel and brass. Fasteners are available in aluminium, steel, stainless ste...
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  • Breakaway Screw

    Breakaway Screw

    A breakaway screw is a screw whose head is so worn or damaged that it is difficult for the tip of a screwdriver or the tip of a drill to grab the screw to turn it. The “drive” of a screw—its recessed seat—can be damaged by turning the screw in and out repeatedly or overtightening it. When the dri...
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  • The Importance of High Quality Fasteners

    The Importance of High Quality Fasteners

    A survey conducted by EJOT UK found that the majority of roof and cladding installers do not consider leak testing self-drilling fasteners a priority when installing building envelopes. The survey asked installers to rate the importance of four factors when considering a roof or façade installati...
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  • Fasto The 132nd Canton Fair

    Fasto The 132nd Canton Fair

    Fasto attended the 132nd canton fair, and for this, they prepareed a lot. The customer can contact them on TM from 2022.10.15 to 2023315  or on live show from 2022.10.15 to 2022.10.24. And On Oct. 15th,2022. The 132nd Canton Fair Virtual Opening Ceremony was held online. Wang Wentao stressed that...
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  • The Newest Exhibition

    The Newest Exhibition

    Oct. 11th,2022, The WELDEX in Russia started. And Fasto attended it this time. Weldex is Russia's leading welding technology exhibition. Manufacturers from all over the world can present new welding products to a large number of professionals at the exhibition site; Ent...
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  • About Hex Head Screws

    About Hex Head Screws

    On October 5, 2022, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) decided to withdraw Yieh Corp. Fasto supplies quality fasteners and specialty products to manufacturers worldwide. Our broad product range and manufacturing capabilities provide a targeted source for your fasteners. Our ...
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  • Screws and Bolts

    Screws and Bolts

    Popular Mechanics Senior Editor Roy Berendson shares a quick tutorial on fasteners. According to Roy, here is a list of the seven most common types of screws and bolts that every homeowner will come across at some point in their lives. Hex bolts or hex head screws are large hex bolts (hex!), used...
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  • What is a self-tapping screw?

    What is a self-tapping screw?

    Self-tapping screw sleeves are also called self-tapping sockets. They have the ability to self-tapping threads and can be directly screwed into specific holes. After installation, the thread strength is higher and the effect is good. Therefore, when the self-tapping screw sleeve is installed, the...
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