Screws Should Not Be Underestimated

Small screws are woven into our lives. Some people may deny this, but we use items with screws in them every day. From small screws on smart phones to fasteners on airplanes and ships, we enjoy the convenience of screws all the time. Then it is necessary for us to know the ins and outs of screw development.

Primary origin
Screws are a product of industrial society. It is difficult to trace the invention of the first screw today, but metal screws were used as fasteners in Europe at least in the 15th century. But at that time, the manufacturing process of screws was very complicated and expensive, so screws were very rare and not widely used.

Great progress
At the end of the 18th century, great progress was made in the production and application of screws. In 1770, instrument maker Jesse Ramsden invented the first screw lathe, which inspired the invention of the screw machine. In 1797, Maudsley invented the all-metal precision screw lathe. The following year, Wilkinson invented the nut and bolt making machine. At this time, screws were very popular as a means of fixation, because an inexpensive method of production had been discovered.

Long-term development
In the 20th century, different types of screw heads appeared. In 1908, the square-headed Robertson screw was favored for its anti-slip properties during installation. In 1936, the Phillips head screw was invented and patented. It was more durable and tight than the Robertson screw.

After the 21st century, the types of screws are more diversified and the application is more fine. Different screws will be used for different scenarios, such as houses, cars, Bridges, etc., and for different materials such as metal, wood, drywall, etc. Heat treatment and surface treatment of screws are also improving.

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Post time: Jan-07-2023